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Tuesday, August 13, 2013

I know i am norfolk va but if i was in the bronx right now what would i be doing?? -living the life aka "top of the world"
1520 Sedgwick Avenue bronx, ny

Sunday, September 16, 2012

great fall virginia and the dc metero area

had to go scoop queen persia from dulles that sunday word to allah, had to go hook up with my mans emerson and dj most dangerous. really had jumped it off and had a great time. huffing and puffing, real hip hop, good scenery -what its all about, living the life!

Monday, November 28, 2011

dj king persia focuses on persian women, hip hop, and reality

As you know king persia believes in strong family values and guidance. First of all women do not have a sense or responsibility even when equality reigns supreme in a country like the usa.

Ultimatly women think the world owes them everything and they are superior lifeforms and the man that walks upon the earth doesn't deserve to be a man even though god created him.

In a society though like the usa cheating, and sex out side of marriage is a max for this day and age. Persians living in the usa should have traditional marriage laws for muslims like us. Given the fact that is not going to happen persian women need to understand that even though we are not home you need to support your persian king and recognize his rule/direction -given that it is a decent/noble one.

The american system is taken advantage of in the usa which actually ruins women and persian women in particular. I have seen persian women double cross persian men only to get everything and still get on welfare, food stamps, and etc not better than a hoe from the hood or trailer park.

This track dwells on women, the fact that hip hop is now an empty shell with non stop meaningless content. The message or lifting yourself is over not to mention flows coming from hip hop icons or cats from the underground.

Dj king persia feat allen iverson tragedy khadafi kool keith and kool g rap on joe demers beat by King Persia

The reality of the matter is that cats have to go to work, after work hip hop begins, life begins, etc begins but it will exisit regardless until we are dead so why not take advantage of it and stop postponing the dream for petty cash and issues/dangerous hoe games.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

feel me on this for 2011. it was a very long year yet very productive. i must say i accomplished more in 2011 than any other year and thats my word. on top of all of that i completly flushed out the wackness in my life. now i am at my max where i always wanted to be my whole miserable life, word to mutha.

a long anticipated drama and many more to come

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

feel me on myspace as we move into the future with a young persian from the 80's living in virginia

Saturday, March 5, 2011

hip hop mix volume 10.00 was a banger brought to you by yours truly -the persian way down under. as you can see by the song titles this an instant banger, in the whip, the crib, just anywhere.

thump this until you can thump it no more