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Tuesday, May 16, 2017

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Wednesday, March 11, 2015

peace to mf grimm, the lyrics below from the scars and memories are some of the realest lyrics every written. peace to grimm, i hope you are able to walk again one

Scars and memories, Memories and scars
I look up in the sky and I wonder where you are
Can't nobody diss my nigga, Damn, I miss my nigga
Memories and scars, Scars and memories
Talk to me kid cause I need some guidance please
Can't nobody diss my nigga, Damn, I miss my nigga
Scars and memories, Memories and scars
I look up in the sky and I wonder where you are
Can't nobody diss my nigga, Damn, I miss my nigga

I'm writing this letter from Lenox Hill Hospital
I'm so sorry, that I missed your funeral
But silhouettes of you are trapped inside my head
As I lay in ICU hangin on wishin I was dead

Tryin to convince someone to pull the plug and let it end
I lost my best friend, plus I'll never walk again
Now that you're gone, it really don't matter
Becomin a star, becomin a superstar

God threw rocks at my glass heart and it shattered
I look up in the sky and I wonder where you are
Cryin' like a baby, starin' at your picture
I'm mad at the world kid, I'm wishin I was with ya
The world is on my shoulders now the weight is kinda heavy
I loved my little shorty but my little shorty left me
In a few minutes time, with the help of a nine
I went from king of the rhymes to the victim of crime

I gotta stop, and wipe my tears G
Ayo J, respond, let me know you hear me


You will walk again, J. Black won't letcha down
As for rap, represent, and snatch the fucking crown
Fuck to most these rappers, cause you know they're not your friends
So don't wait for no battle, bring the noise straight to them
I don't give a damn if the nigga is ya idol
Implant in his head that he better think survival
I don't give a fuck about his crew or the fame, each one of them niggas step to them and blow em off the frame

But J I want the days, when we were just chillin
Ridin around in cars, dressin nice, and countin millions

[J. Black]
Those days are over for us so understand, you my man, but it's time to step forward and represent the fam
Like I'm Jesus Christ, I'm payin for our sins
Take these niggas to war for me, let the games begin
I want you off the street cause the street is not the move
Don't let me die for nothin, test your skills, show and prove
Niggas think they ill, but show em you are iller
In the past yo we killed but wasn't raised to be no killers
Money and murder's hand in hand, it goes with territory
Manhattan war stories, what a price to pay for glory. Cash Rules...

Everything around us

But everyone around us in not down with us
They plot, scheme, surround us
There's jealousy, envy, niggas wanna hurt me
I can't move my legs, J so that shit just hurts me
Right now I'd be better off dyin G
I don't think that I can function in society
Cause I paid the cost, you paid the cost
The family paid the cost, and now I'm feelin lost
Because you went away, And now my skies are gray
I don't know what to feel I don't know what to say
I don't know what to do I need you to impinge
My life is like a door, hanging off the hinge
I try to improvise, and go with the flow
But to my surprise, the flow is so slow
I'm really confused, advice you have to give
I'm not afraid to die, but right now I'm afraid to live


I don't know my title so I'm a little sad man
What's the difference between a genius and a madman?

[J. Black]
A genius is exceptional, he breaks down the whole
Mad men are not men, they do have a goal
To be a genius or a madman is in your mind...

But is it possible for the two to intertwine?

[J. Black]
Yes, when a genius uses poems, just to focus on crime
Greed, or make nuclear bombs all the time

In this materialistic world is there any kind of hope?
(Nope) Will Catholics ever have a black Pope?
I write rhymes like Riddler
List them like Schindler
Alot of religious figures on this planet are just swindlers

[J. Black]
What do you see?

Sight beyond sight, those of twilight, the afterlife
A new world is what I like

[J. Black]
You don't like Commandments but just do them

Aight, but when you talk to God again could you give these questions to him?

[J. Black]
They can't be too long, cause he's a busy man
So tell me about six, and I'll relay em if I can

God, (one) Why's my mighty nation lost?
(two) Why'd you let Jesus Christ be put on the cross?
(three) Why's my people poor and oh so sore?
(aiight) In harlem all I see is funeral homes and liquor stores
(four) Why'd you let the Indians get used and abused?
(five) Why'd you let Hitler crucify all the jews?
(alright) some races will never see the best outta life
(true) it's like you made a big ass test outta life

I got love for you God, but could you explain to me
(six) why you took my legs and J and dished out so much pain to me?

[J. Black]
Don't stress it, kid. It's life, and not even death can seperate the love

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

I know i am norfolk va but if i was in the bronx right now what would i be doing?? -living the life aka "top of the world"
1520 Sedgwick Avenue bronx, ny

Sunday, September 16, 2012

great fall virginia and the dc metero area

had to go scoop queen persia from dulles that sunday word to allah, had to go hook up with my mans emerson and dj most dangerous. really had jumped it off and had a great time. huffing and puffing, real hip hop, good scenery -what its all about, living the life!